Do or DIY

A few weeks ago, I ran into a wall. A huge, stone, emotionally figurative wall. I thought I was having a quarter century life crisis. A long phone conversation with my boyfriend helped ease me off the roof of a (yes, figurative) building. He said, after some whining on my part, "Maybe you need a hobby?". I was like...yea sure, a hobby. After really hearing what he said, my figurative lightbulb lit up. I think you get it by now. He is so right. I am 25. I work full time and go to school full time. I clean the house, do the yardwork (most of the time) and I love others uncontrollably. I thought writing would be sufficient, and it certainly begins to be, but why not let my mind and creativity flow in other forms? After some browsing on the internet looking for ideas to create something, I decided enough looking, go do it. So, after doing some yardwork, I am driving to any arts and craft store that is open on a Sunday and am going to make something. Not start something and then a year later find it in a closet or box somewhere and remenice on how I had the urge to pick up a new hobby. No. Today I am going to do something and see it through to the end. And I will post my end product on this blog, and then someone will see it, want it, and I will become a billionaire and take over the world! Figuratively speaking, of course.

I will put my spare time to better use, creating something and letting my guards down. Doing something for me. Giving myself a purpose other than my sickly routine of barely waking up, doing crap during the day and then falling asleep.