Jewelry Update

So I promised an update about the jewelry making.  And here it is:  

I went to Michaels and spent way more than I should have, which always happens when shopping at Michaels or AC Moore. Aside from the damage I have done on my wallet, I bought some pretty cool things! I was really inspired by The Giving Keys; I love the story behind the company and what it does for our economy and our friends and family all around.

I obviously have no idea what 96" looks like, and bought a chain entirely too long for myself, so I wrapped it around my neck a couple of times to get it to the length I liked. I added some key charms and lockets on two of the layers of chain, and the third layer closer to my neck I left bare. The chain is almost like an antique bronze, and the keys and locket charms are either a pewter or antique bronze/copper finish, which I thought looked really neat with the bronze chain.

This took me about an hour to do, mostly because I was trying to figure out the appropriate length for me.  I felt a little creative and ambitious, so I ventured out on a second necklace.

My second attempt was much less complicated...well, the first necklace wasn't all that complicated, just a little more time consuming if anything. The second necklace was the complete opposite. It is a silver chain with a single turquoise pendant/stone. Done. The chain, again, was a little too long, so I cut it in half. I then attached the ends of the pieces to a multi-strand clasp, and then threaded the stone in and added a lobster claw clasp to the other end, and voila!

I just bought a bunch of stuff on Amazon, which is way more cheaper than Michaels...shhhhh! But I cannot wait to get them in the mail so I can start making them and posting them on here! Woo!

Can't wait to show my jewelry when I make it all!