Creatively lazy Sunday

Don't you ever go to sleep thinking you will wake up like Sleeping Beauty, woken up by kisses and breakfast in bed? I realize Sleeping Beauty didn't get breakfast in bed, but this is my fairytale. Moving on. Normally when I tuck myself in at night, I imagine waking up with the sun and the birds chirping, singing songs of happiness and feeling the warmth peaking through my window. That. Never. Happens. I usually am awoken by my mom screaming at me because I have snoozed my alarm clock 638466283 times and the debilitating ringing that I apparently do not hear is getting on her nerves. Or I am being licked by one or all of my three dogs somewhere on my face or other extrimity, or from their barking. And there is never any breakfast immediately within my reach. Yes, the struggle. I know.

As my mediocre sleep was interupted this morning by one of the three ways I wake up, I got myself down stairs and waited for my mom to come home from work. She is not a stripper (not hating on the strippers out there. You do the damn thing...WERK!), she is a bus driver. The second she got home, I immediately asked what she would like for breakfast. Eggs.

After breakfast, I watched some television and had a nice phone conversation with my boyfriend, my BFFL4LYFE. He was going to figure drawing and I then realized I have to do something with my time. So I decided to give myself a mani/pedi. I rarely talk about mani/pedis because to me, that is something that you just look at, rather than talk about...unless its something ridiculously insanely cool or something funny happened in the process.

It took me about an hour and half to do everything, but it was fun. I made a mess in the process, but the result of my manicure made me proud. And hungry.

This was the result, inspired by my conversation with my boyfriend, further inspired by Jackson Pollock. You know, the guy who throws paint everywhere? This actually took longer than expected, and not the part you'd expect. ;)

As for the jewelry I have been wanting to create, I will be attempting to make something new today, and possibly post it here, but definitely on my Etsy page. Stay tuned!