New Jewels Tuesday


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So I planned on making a new piece on Sunday, but decided to wait for when I had a little more free time at home.

I had a surge of inspiration and creativity this afternoon and bolted to Michaels. This was the result! It only took me about an hour and I am thrilled with how it came out.

I really enjoyed the process and I love the outcome. It is so rewarding to be able to have an idea and make it come to life with a little bit of time. If I can pass this feeling on to someone else while wearing them, then that would be pure icing on the cake. This is just the beginning and am so excited to have embarked on this journey. Special thanks to my boyfriend, Anthony. =*

Also, I am thinking of going with this theme of "New Jewels Tuesdays," or something of that sort, and creating a new piece of jewelry every week and adding it to the blog as a new "series". Still working on a new concept.