Top 10 D.I.Y. Wall Art Ideas for Your Kitchen (or any space you want to bring from drab to fab).

Working with a slew of wickedly talented people has made my inner DIY nerd come alive and is thirsty for some home decor that I can whip up on a dime (maybe a little more but still cheaper and way more unique than what you would find at mass retailers). Since being exposed to interior design for about five years, I have seen countless ways to transform any space from lackluster and impractical to swoon worthy and functional--yes, that is possible. And what is even more unbelievable than having the best of both worlds? Creating the space yourself. [Terminator voice]: Come with me if you want to live (or just make some really dope wall decor for your kitchen [or any space] without breaking the bank).

1. Cork Board (made with your very own corks from your *not-so-secret* wine obsession...I mean collection). 

If you're anything like me, you may or may not have sticky notes stuck everywhere or your fridge may or may not look like a 13 year old's locker. This is not cute for any space, despite the pretty colors or wildly shaped neon colored sticky notes readily available at one's office-supply-obsessed fingertips. Especially if there are children present in the home, you want to make this an attractive yet functional space where meeting and pick up times, practices, and "honey-do" lists (see what I did there?) are in a single place where all members of the family can find them and it doesn't look like Post-It threw up in your kitchen.

You can start by purchasing a really inexpensive frame from practically anywhere...Michaels, AC Moore, the dollar store, garage sales, or recycle a frame from a broken picture or one you don't feel bad reusing.

Collect wine corks...this shouldn't be hard especially if you have children at home still (or a husband).

Swipe some glue from your kid (or if you're feeling extra fancy and in the DIY spirit, you can use a hot glue gun, which may work better for long-term use) and get stickin'!

There is no rhyme or reason for the placement of the corks, but lying them flat on their side will give the board a little more flare and aesthetic appeal since a lot of corks have a design or some markings on them that are not visible from the flat tops and bottoms of the corks.

This one is from Bed Bath and Beyond and as you can see, it is descent looking, but is $34.99. I rather spend that on a few bottles of cheap wine and add the corks to my collection for my new cork board. All in the name of art.

2. Custom Shelving

Are you lacking in storage but don't have room for large cupboards or other bulky furniture? Open shelving can be rather expensive, but salvaging wood is not.

Creating your own shelving units is easy, beautiful and functional. You can display your great-grandma's china and keepsakes while making a beautiful space in your kitchen.

Bonus tip: Not ready for a commitment of color in the kitchen? Adding a foundation of a neutral or even white on your walls and adding these DIY shelves with a pop of color offers a fresh face lift and great aesthetics. Functional art at its finest.


3. Easy Framed Utensil Art

This is where you can get your kids involved (if applicable...or someone else's kids) to keep them busy and you sane.

How often do you go in your kitchen drawers and find mismatched forks, spoons and knives? Or do you have so many that they are literally climbing out the drawers? This DIY will help you declutter, keep your kids busy, and dress up your naked walls.


Gather some old frames (or buy new ones if it's a must), some paint in your choice of color (if the color of the frame doesn't match your decor), scraps of fabric from other projects, samples of wallpaper, or even contact paper which comes in a large variety of designs and colors and is inexpensive, and a hot glue gun. You can also use raffia or twine to gather a set of utensils (a fork, knife and spoon, or three of the like. In design, always stick with groups of three).

If you want, you can paint the frame and even the utensils in whatever color you choose. Let that dry completely before furthering this project. Then cut out the paper or fabric the size of the cardboard backing of the frame and glue it down securely. Next you want to either wrap the utensils in the twine and then glue it to the cardboard, or glue each utensil separately. This is where you can be creative--try different angles, heights or layouts until something catches your eye then glue it down.

Visit spunkyjunky's blog to get some ideas and a more in-depth tutorial.

You can create as many or as little frames as you want, but I would stick with groups of three. This would be great over the stove, fridge, or on one of the shelves you made earlier. ;)

4. Utensil Mirror 

Mirrors can be iffy in the kitchen. I mean really, who wants to see your own self eating in front of a mirror as if you were on death row and were given your last meal? Not this gal.

Something as cute as this utensil mirror will definitely make its way into my kitchen sooner than later, and hopefully yours too. Check out the link for a complete tutorial on how to create your own star burst utensil mirror for next to nothing.

5. Flower Monograms

I love fresh flowers and I especially love them in my kitchen (really anywhere...but it livens up the kitchen so much). A lot of people are allergic to different plants and flowers but using silk flowers for this project will not only give you that pop of color, but all the beauty without the sneezing and dreadful allergy attacks.

Head over to urbanclipper to find out how you can make your very own custom blooming monogram to proudly display in your kitchen (or anywhere you need some "life").


6. DIY Window Decor

If you have a small(ish) kitchen, decorating may seem like a daunting task. Too little and it looks bare, too much and you can't breathe. Salvaging an old window, sprucing (or not) it up a bit, and hanging it in the perfect spot can offer some great aesthetic appeal and even trick you into thinking your hubby splurged and got you that addition off the kitchen you have been asking for.

Check out wecallitjunkin  for some great ideas on how to reuse old windows.


7. Indoor Herb Garden

Having fresh herbs on hand may seem like something completely unattainable. In reality, herbs are easy to grow, and for someone who can kill a bamboo plant which practically needs little to no care whatsoever, can grow some hefty herb plants. Having them readily accessible in your kitchen will also prompt you to use more fresh herbs in your cooking. Added bonus: they look awesome as decorations and makes your guests think you're a culinary genius. Touché.

Wonder over to decoratingyoursmallspace for ideas on indoor herb gardens to spruce up your kitchen game.


8. Plate Walls

If you're running out of space on those DIY shelves you made or if you have a large wall that you aren't sure what to do with, gather your old china and mismatched plates and serve up a helping of creative inspiration from for your very own plate wall. Not only will it give those old plates a new life, it will give your bland wall some contrast and pizzazz.


9. Tin Can Wall Organizers

This is great for smaller scaled kitchens with limited counter space or for those who want a unique way of displaying your utensils in the kitchen. The Knick of Time's blog will show you how to transform an ordinary tin can into unique, creative and beautiful functional wall decor that can fit into any style kitchen.


10. DIY Cutting Board Wall Art

I love repurposing kitchen tools and gadgets to make something completely new and different that you can't find in stores. shows you how to take an ordinary cutting board and transform it into decorative wall art that can be completely custom.


Enjoy and happy crafting!