Movember Weight Loss Challenge!


I have been missing the gym for about two weeks now and today was my first day back. There were no good reasons I was giving for not going--my mind was just not in it. After this morning's session, I was feeling better and knew that I was ready to get back at it again. My health is just something I should not be putting on the back burner.

While I know the holidays are fast approaching (although temperature-wise it does not feel that way at all...November 3rd and it will be 72 degrees? Definitely doesn't feel like November), I know there are desserts, stuffings and sides, cakes, and an army of carbs headed my way, but I am determined to not let it get out of hand. This time last year I was losing weight and getting on track. Then after Thanksgiving, it all went down hill. The holidays came and went, then I started my internship in the city and it was so hard to stay focused and on track with my health. It took a while for me to get back on track, but here I am and continuing on my way.

Losing weight and getting healthy is always easier when you have supporters and even easier when you have people around you with the same mind set. So today at work, I came up with an idea to help myself and my coworkers (whom I love dearly and are also ready to get their butts in gear) get on track to a healthier lifestyle.

I now present to you...the Movember Weight Loss Challenge.

Rules: Every pound lost, $1.00 goes into a jar. Every pound found, $3.00 goes into the jar. The one who loses the most at the end of the month will get to take home that jar of money! I am still thinking of ways to make sure this is fool-proof (first time around, I am not sure if it will be completely rid of any glitches) but I think it is something really fun to help us get started and get our minds and bodies in sync and on the same wavelength.

We have to weigh in every Saturday morning (retail, ugh!) and report in. I made an Excel sheet with the rules, our starting weights (we are only putting the last digit on there...for now) then a spot for our ending weights, and our names. Every Saturday, we will put our gains/losses under our names and do this for the entire month. At the end of the month, we will tally everything up and see who the winner (or biggest loser!) is! Really, it is a win-win situation for all--we get to challenge each other, support each other, and continue down a healthier life style. I challenge you to create your own Movember Weight Loss Challenge and share your results with us as I document our journey! Good luck!