Movember Weight Loss Challenge Check-In

Movember Weight Loss Challenge Check-In

So at the beginning of the month I started a weight loss challenge with my coworkers and today marks the second fully completed week of participation. Collectively, we (a total of three women including myself) lost 6 pounds in this two week period! Our other coworker is participating in getting healthier but she is not participating in the weigh-ins since she doesn't have a scale.

There are still some kinks that need to be ironed out but the main goal is that we are working towards a healthier self and that is all that matters.

Here are some things I have observed over the past few weeks during this challenge:

1). We all are working toward a common goal making our bond that much stronger 2). The support is amazing! Since we are doing this together (and there is a potential to win money at the end of the challenge), we are really working our butts off and get on each other's cases about food, exercise and staying on track. 3). We share tips and offer advice. 4). I myself have been exercising more at the gym and I try to give my competitors a boost 5). This makes getting healthier fun and not scary! We are more likely to continue to do something if it offers enjoyment rather than discouragement.

Since this is the weekend before Thanksgiving, we are mentally preparing ourselves for what is in store for us. The challenge continues and I will post another update after the holiday to see who stayed on track or ate a little too much stuffing and pie next week! Stay tuned and Happy Thanksgiving!

If you are doing a similar challenge, or are just trying to get back on track and stay on track, what are some of your tips or areas of improvement? Bumps in the road or where you really kick butt? I would love to hear!