New Adventures

New Adventures

So I have been struggling with my career path lately, since after graduation and after completing my internship I did not land the dream job I was hoping for during my educational career. As humans, we are flawed in the sense that we are constantly comparing ourselves to others who are at different points of their life, and we are constantly fighting between growing into our own self and trying to compete with others whose circumstances and environment are completely different than our own. I have to constantly remind myself of this and sometimes it is harder some days than most, and sometimes I feel like I can take on the world and sometimes I feel like the world is against me. Recently I read online about how millennials are pretty much screwed. With the debt, the job market, the employment rate...we pretty much have a very small chance of ever experiencing buying our first home, 401Ks, mortgages, or owning pretty much anything any time soon. It's not completely far fetched or something we will never attain, but it will certainly be harder to achieve and it will definitely take time...and a lot of it. I graduated later than I was supposed to but I did it, and with that comes a few positive things and few negatives. I am older,  therefore more mature and I have more of a clearer idea of what I want out of my life and my education. But the downsides are that now, when I thought I'd be looking to move out, get my first apartment, buy my own car (since mine is now 10 years old and I will need to get a new one soon), I am starting this stage of my life with nearly $90,000 in debt with a job that is no where near my field I graduated in. This all weighs down on me all the time but the scary thing is that I am not alone.

So I have decided, since it has proven rather difficult to find a job that will pay me what I need to pay down my debt and still be able to survive (if I take a job that is paying me less [but in my desired field] I will never be able to pay my student loans off or on time or to get ahead in life), to take matters in my own hands. Rather than looking for employers to hire me with "little to no experience" (everyone wants 5+ years...what a joke) I am starting my own employment opportunity. I took this image I dreamt up in my mind of The Makeup of Beauty and am turning it into a reality. I started my own website and will be putting more time and effort into this new adventure. If it doesn't work out then at least I still have my job. I love my job and I love the people I work with and the organization as a whole, but I would almost be cheating myself if I don't give myself the chance to do something I love and all my time in school and all that money spent will all be in vain. I deserve a shot at this.

Nothing is completed yet; this is all still in its preliminary stages but I figured I need to start talking about it sooner rather than later. I will be blogging more regularly, making more jewelry, and also freelancing as a personal stylist and consultant. Given my background, my appreciation and love for both industries, it only seems fitting. I will discuss more in detail about my plans but for now this is where I am headed and I hope you all join me on my journey.

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