First Day of 2016

First Day of 2016

As the first day of the new year is coming to a close, I am realizing nothing new has happened; I didn't wake up early, go for a run, drink a spinach and kale smoothie, or make a million bucks over night and wake up in my dream home. What did happen though was me realizing that those crazy things I just mentioned aren't things that are supposed to happen over night--they aren't supposed to be things that I am just going to do at the snap of my fingers. These things that I mentioned are all possibilities...all things that I have planned for myself (maybe not the million dollars...but, I am not crossing that off my list just yet) and that will take time and effort to achieve. I will wake up early but I have to make a few minor changes and push myself first. Reading this you might think, "Man you kinda suck at adult-ing if you don't wake up early". And you're kinda right, but I love sleep and I am not ashamed of that fact but knowing and accepting this, I am that much closer to actually waking up earlier than an hour and half before I have to be at work. I am that much closer to being productive in the morning and making the most out of my day. Telling myself I suck at not waking up early, not drinking that smoothie or running a mile first thing in the morning is setting myself up for failure.  Rather, I am going about my day as usual, but with minor, yet crucial tweaks that will get me to where I want and need to be for this year...for my life. Putting a time limit on my goals that I want to achieve will only make it that much harder--instead, I am going to give myself the space I need to work on myself and get myself where I need to be when I need to be there--it will happen when it happens. 

Writing down my goals and keeping them with me and close by will also help get me where I want to be, so here they are: 


Finishing this website and keeping at it is tied for 1st on my list of goals this year (and forever). 

I will get healthy. I will drop the weight that is holding me back and I will make better choices every day to achieve my goals. 

I will make at least one (hopefully more) piece of jewelry a month and post it to my Etsy shop. 

I will smile more. 

I will gossip less. 

I will love harder. 

I will be more forgiving of myself and others. 

I will continue to be true to myself and be honest.

I will work hard in every aspect of my life. 

I will do everything on this list and I will post regularly to make sure I hold myself accountable and give others some motivation and guidance through my journey. 

Bring it on, 2016. I am ready.