BEAUTY HACK: White Eyeliner

BEAUTY HACK: White Eyeliner
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Okay beautiful people. When my makeup obsession began, I would literally read and watch everything I could if it had something to do with makeup and beauty. I still do and am still just as obsessed, but now it seems more normal and doesn't feel as obsessive. One of the things I came across was white eyeliner. Weird, right? 

Do not fear---there is a real purpose for this beside what you may think. Everyone and anyone was raving about white eyeliner.  One use I saw for this was as a base for eye shadow. I saw a ton of YouTubers using this NYX  Jumbo pencil in Milk as a base for their eye shadow application and I immediately was like "Oh yes, I need this! I can totally replicate what they are doing if I had this!" Well, one, I didn't need that, and, no I cannot replicate that perfect eye shadow application with that pencil. I was still learning (still am) and needed  a ton more practice before I was a blending machine. Anyway...on to my hack. 

I could not find that pencil for the life of me, so I bought the skinnier, less expensive version. I found just a plain old white eyeliner from NYC (I think it was $1 or somewhere around there...pretty inexpensive at your local drug store). I got it home and immediately tried to use it as an eye shadow base. 

Nope. Not happening. It hurt so bad! Makeup is not supposed to hurt. :( 

It was a total fail. It was not doing what the NYX pencil was doing for everyone else---gliding gracefully over the eyelid, creating the perfect canvas for some beautiful matte eye shadows. Your eyelid is a very thin piece of skin and hello, my eyeball is under it, so I am not about to be dragging this thing over my eyelid, potentially poking my eyeball out and going blind. DIsclaimer: That probably won't happen to you but I tend to overreact. It's the Italian in me. ;) Moving on. 

I then saw people using it in their water line, creating the doe-eyed, more awake, lover-of-life look.  Well, again, that freakin' pencil was not cooperating. In my drawer it went to live peacefully with all its other friends. 

Until my wolverine-like brows came along. 

*Light bulb!* Ah-ha! I'll use it on my brows! No, not to fill them in, but to trace out my brows! Using my white eyeliner on the hairs I wanted to remove created the perfect guide to tweezing the little monsters that had started taking over my forehead. "Why don't you just go get them waxed?" you may ask. Well, because this girl is lazy af on my days off and I didn't want to get shamed into waxing the layer off my lip or chin. Jeesh. Can't a girl live? 

Anyway, I traced out my perfect eyebrow shape with the eyeliner and I went to town. Let me tell you...that was so easy. I swear I wish I knew about this trick years ago--it would have saved me a ton of trouble (and my eyebrows). If, on days, you don't feel like leaving your house, socializing with humanity, or being shamed into getting a full body wax, try this. You will be amazed.  You can thank me later. ;)