REVIEW: Bestope Premium Makeup Brush Set

REVIEW: Bestope Premium Makeup Brush Set

I finally gave in and decided to start a free trial of Amazon Prime (spoiler alert: I am not cancelling the trial) and to justify the yearly membership, I went on a huge shopping spree. Not really huge, but for the amount of things I purchased in the small amount of time I have had the membership, I would consider it fairly large.  I somehow thought in my very irrational mind that since shipping is free, I have to buy a bunch of crap that I essentially don't really need, but thought I did.  One of the items I purchased was a new set of makeup brushes. The majority of the brushes I use are from Sigma because the quality is great for their prices. However, I wanted new brushes and I actually needed them since I am really only working with one Sigma foundation brush and alternating that with a stippling brush from Real Techniques. I didn't want to spend the money on Sigma (they really aren't all that much considering what you are getting for the price) and wanted to try something new so I did some digging around, leading me to Bestope. 

I have no idea how to pronounce the name but they got some great reviews on Amazon and for the amount of brushes I received, the price was friggin' amazing: $10.99 for 8 brushes. I was skeptical at first because where in the makeup land can you buy 8 brushes for $11 (NO shipping might I add)? Um, nowhere? I did a quick once over on the reviews...a good amount of people purchased them and it had great ratings. I went over to YouTube where I searched for the brushes and quite a bit of reviews came up (I hardly do anything without checking with YouTube first nowadays), so in my cart they went. 

I got them in the mail earlier than I had anticipated and was so excited to try them out! I took them out of the box and they were in a black nylon bag, perfect for traveling or storage. They were in individual plastic sleeves which is great because I would have been weirded out if they were just hangin' out in the nylon bag with no protection. The packaging is nothing to write home about, but I am more concerned with the actual product than the packaging (although cute packaging doesn't hurt). When I took them out of their sleeves, rays of golden light came pouring in my windows from the makeup Heavens (oh wait, that could have actually been the sun). But really, they were so much softer than I expected and the quality obvious immediately. On to my experience!

They. Are. Ah-mazing. SO soft, sturdy and they blended my makeup perfectly. I was so surprised something so inexpensive works like they do.  I initially washed them prior to using them and I left them on a towel to dry over night.  When I went to use them the following morning, I did notice one or two little hairs sticking out and I tugged on them ever-so-gently and out it came. Bummer.  But I had not experienced that after that one time.  Washing them was a breeze (well not really, I hate washing my brushes but they were fine post-wash). Easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy. Okay, 'nuff of that. 

FINAL THOUGHTS:  BUY THEM! If you are in need of some brushes and aren't ready to invest in name brand or pretty packaging, definitely try to get your hands on them. Even if you don't need them right now... buy them anyway. 

*I paid for the set of brushes myself and am not sponsored by Bestope*