What is Style Collective and Why You Need it Now

What is Style Collective and Why You Need it Now

Okay ladies. I have something very important to tell you so grab your coffee, get comfy in your PJS and get ready for this!

Have you ever wondered where you can go as a beginner (or experienced!) blogger for support, educational tools, tips and tricks on how to launch your brand or website? Have you ever had a question about a layout or wanted some advice on blog post ideas? Well then, LISTEN up! I have got some news for you!

Recently I stumbled upon a site called Style Collective. Curious, I clicked the link and right before my eyes I saw that it was exactly everything I had been searching for. 

Let me bring it back for you a little here. 

I started this blog with hopes of creating something for myself and for other women. I wanted to utilize my love for fashion, food, beauty and life and everything in between and my passion for writing and making people laugh and smile all at once and figured a blog would be my best shot at succeeding. After a few years of doing this as a hobby and no luck in the job market as a fresh college graduate, I took the plunge and decided to make some firm decisions and really do this for realz. 

So, I quickly realized that Style Collective was my pot of gold. It is a growing community of bloggers and like minded women (aka #girlbosses) who are crazy talented, supportive and amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better community to belong. I signed up (a year is only $99--you do need to meet some requirements though before signing up) and IMMEDIATELY opened myself up to a huge network of individuals who are all so wonderful, creative and supportive. We share the same goals but we all bring something completely different to the table. All different women from all over the world--all sharing our passions through this amazing community. 

(Side note: I have been recently taking classes to finish my Holy Sacraments and in my last class, we were discussing how God and our religion is a community and how important it is to belong to one. Just having a total light bulb moment IRL). 

It is a great opportunity for novice bloggers and more experienced and seasoned bloggers alike. There are meetups, forums, guides, educational tools...anything you could ask for or possibly need to skyrocket your career and brand in the blogging world. 

I have rounded up some reasons why, if you are a blogger, either just starting out like me or already an established professional, you need Style Collective

1). You want to increase traffic to your website.

2). You want to increase your social media presence/traffic/engagement on all platforms.

3). You want to LEARN.

4). You want to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, crazy talented women who are super supportive in your endeavors. 

5). You want to grow your brand.

6). You want to learn more about partnerships and affiliate opportunities and don't know how to go about signing up. 

7). You want to belong to a wonderful, loving, supportive community. 

8). You want to be apart of the largest growing network of badass #girlbosses. 

If you resonate with one or all of these statements, then Style Collective is for you. There is always something to be learned, no matter how big your following is, how professional you may be, or how popular your website. Never stop learning and always surround yourself with positivity and creativity. You will have opportunities you wouldn't have elsewhere or would be much harder at achieving on your own. 

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. -- Helen Keller