The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Her

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Her

The only gift guide you will need this holiday season for all your girlfriends, mothers, aunties, and especially, and most importantly not last, yourself--is finally here. ;) Y'all can breathe now. 

Just like my ultimate gift guy-de for him (haha, see what I did there? punny.), I will break down my suggestions by 'type' to make your gift hunting a little easier and less stressful.  I will cover all your bases (well, at least most of them, Christmas is only...FOUR WEEKS AWAY HOLY CRAP HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?????)

The Beauty-Obsessed

1. Sephora/Ulta gift card // This is a fail proof gift for the beauty lover in your life. Not only is she getting what she wants when she shops there, but it is so appreciated because sometimes makeup and other beauty essentials can be annoyingly expensive. 

2. Subscription box // I know I must sound like a broken record by now but really, I have had two of these bad boys and it was one of the best things I have purchased for myself. I personally used Ipsy and BirchBox and both were amazing. Same concept but the products were sort of on different spectrums (Ipsy had a lot of products I recognized and have heard about and have been wanting to try but BirchBox had products I was totally new to which was great because I got to try things I never have heard of or thought to look for). Both rounding out to around $100 a year; a year long gift that comes every month--score!

3. BeautyCon Tix // This is a super cool gift. BeautyCon is a festival (of sorts) where beauty gurus, brands, YouTube stars, celebrities and the like meet at this convention to connect and discuss the future of the online beauty world and is LITERALLY every beauty-lovers dream to attend. There are locations in NYC, LA, Dallas and London but check on their website if you need more info about participating locations. (Um...there is also a BeautyCon BOX??? Soo... yeah. That would be a freaking amazing gift too). Next BeautyCon is in 2017, but tix sell out quick so grab them while you can. 

4. A set of makeup brushes // This is something I think anyone who frequently uses makeup will love. You can never have enough brushes in my opinion; cleaning them can be such a time consuming pain and having a couple different brushes for each different application will make cleaning up and using them much easier. Using different brushes will help prolong the life of them and also help when you are in a pinch for a brush but can't/don't want to use a dirty one. My faves are Sigma and Morphe (you can always find coupon codes for them), but Sephora and Ulta also have a great line of brushes that are reasonably priced. 

The Fashionista

1. CurvyCon Tix // I haven't found just a general fashion convention (kinda like the BeautyCon) as of yet, but this one is so amazing, no matter your size. This show, however, is meant to empower and bring together fashion lovers alike, but here is what their website is saying about the event: 

"theCURVYcon is a two day event that brings plus size Brands, Fashionistas, Shopaholics, Bloggers and YouTubers into one space, to chat curvy, shop curvy and embrace curvy. Come join us as we embrace our curves, do a little shopping, and tackle topics like confidence, fashion and style, health, fitness, dating, body positivity and everything in between!"

2. Rachel Zoe's Box of Style // COUPON CODE ALERT!!!!!!! Okay, this gift is kinda amazing. Okay, not kinda, it's really freaking amazing. So this is a subscription box (#sorrynotsorry), BUT, you get handpicked items and they are worth OVER $400 for only $100 (per quarter)! What in the actual heck!? This is not a typo. I repeat--this is NOT a typo. You can purchase a box a season or you can purchase an annual subscription for $350 (that's the best deal because you are saving $50!). Box of Style is also giving my lucky subscribers $10 off with coupon code BOSAW16 (applied towards a seasonal membership), just in time for the holidays... say whaaaaaa?! 

Click the photo or the link above and use code BOSAW16 for $10 off!!!

Click the photo or the link above and use code BOSAW16 for $10 off!!!

3. Bandelettes // If you have never heard of them before then you are totally missing out. These are heaven sent! As a girl with some extra cushion, wearing a dress sometimes seemed impossible because of the chafing I would get between my thighs. If your recipient loves to wear dresses but doesn't like the chafing that can sometimes come along with it, then these are a total must-have. They are a very thin and smooth material that you wear like a headband around each of your thighs. I don't know what kind of magic they use to keep them put but they freaking work amazingly. I wore my set in the dead of summer and it stayed put ALL DAY LONG.  I will be doing a FULL review on them soon, but just know that you need them. You need them and you need to buy them for everyone you know. You will not be sorry. 

4. Fashion Reading Material // I love books and if they are about fashion, then that is a total win-win for me. Giving books as a gift will never get old; they don't expire, they teach you something, and when you are done reading them, they make a great accessory. ;) Some of my faves are "The Career Code" by Who What Wear founders Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power, "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty (Metropolitan Museum of Art)," by Andrew Bolton,  "The Fashion Book,"  "Vanity Fair 100 Years: From the Jazz Age to Our Age," by Graydon Carter, "The Woman I Wanted to Be," by the iconic Diane von Furstenberg and finally "Tom Ford," by the amazing Tom Ford. 

5. You can never go wrong with accessories, whether they are winter staples, jewels or tech gear-meets-fashion staples. All my favorite little odds and ends, wallets, gloves, scarves, things like that, are almost always snagged at TJMaxx, Home Goods (yes, at a home store--you'd be surprised!), Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory, and Century21 and they all have the best deals. You can find some really awesome gift ideas at Target as well. You can put a winter survival kit together that can include a cute mug (something that rings true to the recipient, i.e. fashion/beauty/coffee obsessed or a cute phrase she loves), her favorite coffee/hot cocoa mix, a pretty scarf or a beautiful pair of leather gloves...things like that. I like to do little kits or baskets like this and make one or two gifts that go with the theme super nice or really detailed so that it stands out. 

The Boss Babe

1. A great structured bag // This is a perfect gift that can go from the office to date night. It can hold all of her work necessities but is also perfect for a girl's night out or date night with her boo. Fashionable and functional. 

2. A Planner // This might sound like a boring gift, but for someone who needs a lot of organizing and is always on the run, there are planners that are literally life changers. "There is a calendar and apps for that on your phone" you may be saying to yourself. Well, sometimes a girl might just want to write it down --- and some are super gorgeous, okay? I love a planner and today, they are super customizable, some are small enough to keep around in your bag and some are notebook sized -- there is a whole new world of planners, check it out! (Michael's craft store actually has a huge selection of beautiful customizable planners (need all of them) and you can even use coupons, hey girl heeeeeey! And also, I am currently using the Arc planner by Staples -- obsessing.) 

3. A tablet case // Chances are, your boss babe has a tablet (or even a notebook computer) and she lives on it. A beautiful monogrammed case is the perfect gift idea and will keep her gear safe. 

4. A tumbler/insulated mug // These are great gifts especially if she is on the run constantly. She can fill it with tea or coffee and can even use it to keep her beverage cold during the warmer months. 

5. For someone who might be super busy (and maybe even needs to unwind a little--who doesn't these days, right!?) going to the store for a bottle of wine may be low on the totem pole (depending on how bad/good her day is haha). Either way, no one wants to make an extra trip when she has had a long day and just wants to go home and relax. That is why the Wine of the Month subscription is the perfect gift. (I talked about this in my gift guide for him in my last post--check it out here!)

6. The mirror that is also a battery pack // This ingenious little gadget will take up no more space in your bag than a regular compact mirror but also doubles as a USB charger. Need I say more? 

The Minimalist

1. Minimalist jewelry is a perfect gift idea for the woman in your life who loves jewelry but wants that sophisticated, everyday piece she can wear with nearly every outfit. Etsy has some gorgeous, handmade pieces that are sure to win her over, time and time again. 

2. Women who hate clutter and "stuff" don't want a Santa's sack full of things and trinkets. Getting her a small, simple gift that packs a punch will do just the trick. A simple vase, hanging plants or wall plants (these are fun DIYs you can even do together!), or something that will bring value to her life are all great gift ideas. 

3. Succulents are simple, stylish and gorgeous and can liven up any space and are hard to kill (if your recipient doesn't necessarily have a green thumb, then these are for her). 

4. The Minimalist Folio // this is such a cool gift! For any woman who has her necessities but doesn't like fishing for them around in her purse -- this folio case will keep her frequently used items in a neat, simple space that are easy to grab when she needs them. 

5. A beautiful and chic soy candle will never go out of style. A gorgeous yet simple design will be sure to please your minimalist but also provide hours of warmth and send inviting fragrances throughout her home. This soy candle has a wood wick that provides up to 72 hours of burn time, makes a darling crackle as it burns (makes you feel so cozy!) and has a ton of beautiful, simple designs and luscious scents. 

The Woman who has Everything

1. Spa day // I have been dying to do this for my mom because she is the least selfish and most deserving woman I know -- she is also the hardest working person I am blessed to have in my life and she needs a total pamper day (not even a day, she needs a whole year's worth of pampering!). You can find great deals on Groupon for spas -- for someone super special to you, pull out all the stops -- facial, hot stone massage, mani & pedi, a warm robe and champagne. 

2. Framed art // If this lucky lady has children (furry or human), grand kids, newly married, etc...a beautiful photo printed on canvas or even on metal (HOW COOL!) is super personal gift and she will treasure it forever. Shutterfly and even Groupon both have great options for this. 

3. Chocolate // This is literally a no fail gift. Godiva has stores around the US (be careful though you might end up staying there way too long) but if you can't find one near you, a lot of places will ship the goodies directly to your home. 

4. Like I have mentioned in my previous gift guide, time is the most valuable thing you can give someone. Taking her out for dinner, doing a girl's night at home and ordering take out, or going on a girl's weekend someplace she has never been will be so much fun and so memorable. 

Okay now that you have the ultimate holiday gift guides for everyone on your shopping list, you are ready to dominate this holiday season. If all else fails, quality over quantity .. and of course gift cards. Ha ha ha. 

Merry, merry xo