The Ultimate Gift Guide for Him

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are anything like me, you might start planning for Christmas in July. Okay, I do understand I am crazy so that statement may not apply to a lot of other people--BUT. If you love the holiday season, chances are you probably start to think "Oh Halloween! Yay!" and then you may feel a little pressure from Thanksgiving and then Christmas jingles start to lull you to sleep at night and the next thing you know, you've hoarded gifts in your bedroom and are trying to avoid friends and family members in fear of cracking and exploding under the excitement of what you got for each of your loved ones. Still doesn't sound familiar? UGH. Maybe I need to seek professional help? 

Either way, my point being, the holidays are approaching and 'tis the season for spending time with loved ones, reflection, gratitude and my favorite --- GIFT GIVING! Now it's crunch time and you're wondering "WHAT DO I GET EVERYONE!? <insert inflammatory curse word(s) here>

Have no fear! I have been dubbed the "best gift giver ever" by many (no one said I need proof of those who claim I am the best gift giver...) and I have rounded up my favorite gifts to give the wonderful lads in your life. Whether they are artists, lumber jacks, or football aficionados, I've got you covered. ;) 

For the Artist

1. Museum pass. These are great because A). You can build around this gift. B). You can get 'hopper' passes in most places (one pass can let you in to other museums--check with the museum you are looking to use as your gift for more info about this). and C). This is something you can do with the recipient and will be able to enjoy together and get even more out of the gift. 

2. Gift cards to the art store. I love giving my artist boyfriend a gift card to his favorite art store because let's face it--I have no idea what the hell most of the things I am looking at are anyway and I don't want to get something that may be too juvenile or not up to his standards. Kinda like me and my makeup. I wouldn't expect many people to walk into the store and get me the new Too Faced x Kat Von D palette that I have been eyeing for forever and have been secretly stalking until it comes out ... (<<that's a clickable link. Never said I was subtle ;) ). (FAVE PICK)

3. Brush stands. If your artist's work is in painting, a brush stand is a great gift idea. You can never have too many of these because the painter can always use an extra stand for his brushes and palette knives and can always leave a set in a studio. 

4. A monogrammed portfolio case or beautiful leather sketch pad

5. If he is a digital artist, there are tons of tablets designed specifically for the artist. This site is great and has tons of options and all different price ranges. 

For the Sports Lover

1. Tickets to a future game. 

2. Does he love to tailgate? A portable grill is a great gift and Amazon has one here for under $30 with free shipping for Prime members!

3. Tailgates can be long and if you aren't into sports but are attending a tailgate, some adult games can be a fun tool to get everyone involved and laughing! My favorites are Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples and Drunko

4. Sports gear. Blankets, portable heater/heated blankets for tailgates or games, favorite player's jersey, hat, gloves..etc. You can even make The Ultimate Sports Gear Package, filled with tickets, memorabilia, snacks and a jersey. Totally customizable! (FAVE PICK)

5. A subscription box. This is gift can be good for everyone on your list--it's the gift that keeps on coming! Well...for as long as you want it to--you can do monthly or yearly subscriptions and there are tons of different boxes. This one is a sports subscription box--gifts delivered right to their door every month!

For the Beer Lover

This can really apply to anyone who likes beer or any other alcohol such as whiskey, scotch, wine..etc. Must be 21 or older! ;) 

1. A brewery/distillery tour/tasting. I took my boyfriend to a distillery tour & tasting for his birthday as a surprise and we had SO MUCH FUN. It was something so different, we learned a lot and I tried things I normally never would have tried. We enjoyed great scenery and spent the whole day together doing new things. If you are on the East Coast, NY state has some of the best breweries, wineries and distilleries you can experience. He is not a beer drinker really, but we were able to drive to Angry Orchard, check out the plant and tried some hard cider...FOR FREE. (FAVE PICK)

2. Customizable mugs/a vintage stein. Etsy is a great place to find things like this--and you are supporting local/small businesses! Win, win!

3. Along with the customizable mugs or a vintage stein, you can also look for a tasting tray or home made beer carrier, also found on Etsy. 

4. Beer of the Month Club. Need I say more? Find it here. Here is one for wine, and one for whiskey

For the Foodie

1. Groupon is a great source for this gift. If your foodie loves to try new places, you can browse hundreds of restaurants on Groupon and buy a few dinners out for $100 or less and get way more bang for your buck this way. Rather than picking a place and treating for dinner, you can pay, as an example, $20-30 to Groupon for a dinner that is worth $50 or more for two people. There are always tons of deals but this is a great gift if you wanted to gift a restaurant but didn't know how. 

2. Just like the "wine and paint" nights that have been exploding in popularity lately, you can take your foodie to a place where you can learn to cook a meal and eat it! With locations all over the country, Sur La Table is a great gift idea -- and they have classes for all types of occasions! (FAVE PICK)

3. Cook together. Pick a recipe or dish you both really love from a great restaurant and try to replicate it--fun and both your bellies will be full.

4. For the more experienced or ambitious foodie, you can get a great set of flavorful, exotic spices, unique syrups or jams, or anything that you don't normally find in the supermarket. You can do a quick Google search for things like that and there are tons of places that will unlock a foodie's paradise. (Chef Central,, are all great places to start your search). 

For the Movie Buff

1. For extreme cases, and for the movie buff you really like, something signed will always do the trick, especially if he/she is a collector. 

2. If a unique signed artifact isn't in your budget this year--don't worry. There is a subscription box for that. No. I am not kidding. Find it here. If you don't think an autograph a month box will do the trick, there are other movie subscription boxes available on cratejoy. com. 

3. A romantic movie date is something I have always wanted to do for my boo. Pick your recipient's favorite movie, order his/her favorite food or something in line with the theme of the movie or even the foods served in the movie (side note: you may want to stay clear of foods from the Breakfast Club, i.e. that famous sandwich, unless you're whipping up actual breakfast foods then that would be more appropriate).  Light some candles, pop open your favorite vino and violà. You are now a gift sorcerer. 

4. A special edition/1st edition or box set of his favorite movie/series/show is a great gift and even if he saw it a million times, he would still be over the moon excited. 

For the Guy who has Everything

If none of these suggestions will suffice, this is the list you will need to make sure you have dominated this year's Holiday Gift list. Some of these options will have to rely on blocks of time, some planning and maybe even a little coaxing, but all doable and all great suggestions. 

1. Plan a trip. Know a place he has never been but has always wanted to go? First time in a new place together? This is something you need to do in advance but so worth it--and makes for great memories that will last a life time. (FAVE PICK)

2. Make something with your hands. A DIY on Pinterest or learn to sew/knit (you can literally learn to knit a whole blanket on YouTube in less than an hour)

3. Make a home made meal. What is your favorite guy's favorite dish? Google and YouTube will be your BFF for this one. (FAVE PICK)

4. Create a story/photo album. Go to Michael's (with your coupons!) and prepare to spend the whole rest of the afternoon cutting and pasting. 

5. Donating/volunteering to his favorite cause on his behalf/together

Remember, there is nothing you can give someone that is more valuable than your time. I am not sure where I first heard that statement before, but boy is it true. I try to make each of my gifts that I give someone really personal. Find something you know that person loves and run with it. Be creative and think outside the box. If you can't give someone something to actually open (which really isn't the point of the holiday season anyway), spending time with that person is a far better gift than anyone else can ever give because it is literally coming from YOU. 

I hope this eases some of your anxiety and stress that comes along this holiday season. Remember to think outside the box and be creative. If all else fails, a subscription box can't hurt! xo