How to Survive a Holiday Party

How to Survive a Holiday Party

'Tis the season for holiday parties and CHAFING! (Well, we just jumped right into that now, didn't we?)

If you thought it could only happen in the warm summer months, think again. 

I can't speak for every body, but I know that for me as a plus size woman, chafing is a real thing. It is kind of weird saying this out loud and seeing it on my screen because it was something I was embarrassed to talk about. For a long time, I was always uncomfortable talking about my size and everything associated with it (weight, clothing size and all the negativity that sometimes came/comes with it). Now that I am older and I am much more comfortable with myself, I am forcing myself to open up and talk about some of the things I am still uncomfortable with because I know that there is someone around who is like the old me, uncomfortable and may be experiencing what I continue to still experience. 

There may be some things holding you back from wearing certain things and chafing shouldn't be one of them. For the longest time, I would never wear a tank top or shorts because I didn't like showing my arms or my legs. I still second guess myself or get nervous when I wear these items (it sounds crazy, I know. I am working on this), but I try and I do it with some self-coaxing. Forget about wearing a skirt or a dress, no way! 

As I got older, I started to throw these ideologies out the window -- it was becoming exhausting. I just wanted to wear what I liked and be comfortable in it. When I would wear a skirt or a dress, I felt so good in it. I felt happy and so I decided that that was what should matter to me, not the opinion of people who didn't know me. But because I don't have a "thigh gap", my legs rub together and sometimes it is very painful and always uncomfortable. 

I recently found this amazing product that prevented the chafing. It looks just like a headband -- wider and for thighs; a thigh band essentially. The brand Bandelettes makes this thigh band in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. The material is made of comfortable nylon and spandex so it won't irritate your skin. There are also two rows of extremely effective non-slip silicone that prevent the band from rolling down, bunching up or falling off your legs (whoa, awkward). 

I wore a pair of thigh bands in the dead of summer and I was skeptical at first because I wasn't sure if they would stay put since I knew there would be a lot of walking and heat involved. I wore them to an 8 hour work day, a lot of sitting and getting up and walking around happened and I also wore them out for another few hours. I couldn't believe how effective they were at preventing the chafing. I was so so so surprised. I have never found an item like this and I never thought something like this would work, especially with the extreme heat and movement I had experienced while I wore them. 

I must mention though, I purchased two sizes, one bigger than the other. My first experience with them was with the larger of the two sizes, and even though they were a little big, they worked wonders. If you are unsure about the size, I would go down a size not up. Since they are made of spandex, they will stretch. If they are too big on you, they may move a bit but they won't slide down and off your leg so you won't have any unfortunate mishaps. 

Just recently, Bandelettes was kind enough to send me a pair to test out for you since I had only worn them in the summer. I recently wore them under a skirt for my job's Christmas party. A lot of dancing, movin' and groovin' went on that night and I literally forgot I had them on. And bonus -- NO chafing! I was able to wear a skirt and feel beautiful in it while being completely comfortable and pain-free. Bandelettes is literally a blessing in disguise (literally, since they are completely unnoticeable under your clothes--you won't even realize you have them on!). 

Being comfortable in your own skin is something everyone should feel and there shouldn't be anything that gets in your way of that. You should be able to wear what you want and not have to worry about the opinions of others or if you are constantly making fashion decisions based on if something will cause you pain (heck no!!!). You can find this miracle product here (or even on Amazon!). Try it out for yourself if you don't take my word for it, you will not regret it!


*Disclaimer: These are all opinions of my own. This is a sponsored post as the company was kind enough to provide me with product, however, I am giving an honest review on a product I love and have used in the past.