Haul + Unboxing | JustFab

My very first haul AND unboxing all in one! I am not sure if you would consider this a "haul", however, it was an unexpected shopping experience that crept up in the middle of the night while I was going through all of my junk e-mails. I saw the persistent e-mail from the subscription giant JustFab and remembered I needed to skip the month before I was charged the $39.95 fee for not spending any money (insert confused meme here). 

The e-mail subject lurred me in as the marketing team for this company knew it would: "Introducing our new plus line!" or something enticing like this tag line. 

This wasn't click bait. It was what you had expected--beautiful photos of barely plus-sized models strutting their stuff in the Sahara desert as if they don't need any water while modeling in a bagillion degree weather. Then you have the barely plus-sized models being all sexy and model-y by the pool at some hot LA spot. At one point I had to close the browser and go back to the website and click on the "Plus" section again because I wasn't sure if I had still been searching in that category because all the models WERE NOT PLUS SIZE. It could have been me, squinty-eyed, barely awake being that it was probably around 1 am, but I am almost positive, I didn't see any plus size models. I digress...this is not a rant unboxing, this is a clothing unboxing. Moving along. 

I have been all over ripped jeans lately. I don't know if it's because I am channeling my inner rebel, hobo, or Kardashian, but "SLAY, QUEEN" happens when I wear them, and that is always a good thing, right? I really wanted to test out the quality of them and was super interested in their jeans. I am in the market for a new pair and for $39.95, I wanted to see if they would live up to the price. That isn't expensive by other retailer's standards, but they are more than Old Navy, and they aren't complete garbage, so I thought I'd give them a try. I mean, they're ripped anyway, so if they do get destroyed, at least I could say I bought them that way. 

For the summer, I wanted a new pair of white jeans because I seem to lose every white pair of jeans I ever owned (UGH) and I wanted a regular dark denim pair. Along with the jeans I bought two pair of heels...damnit, they got me!

I received my package within four or five days of purchasing (it was late on a Saturday night, so add the weekend in for processing time). I wanted to rip open the box but I purchased the jeans and shoes with the intentions of this post so I had to refrain from getting too excited and prancing around the house prior to creating the content for this piece. SO. Hard. 

I took them out of the box and they were packaged in plastic like expected. I gently RIPPED the plastic open (ahem...*gently*) and immediately I was slightly disappointed. The jeans felt and wore more like jeggings than actual denim jeans--I was not expecting this. It did feel like a good quality, though--not like the jeggings you'd buy and instantaneously burn a hole in the crotch region from excessive wear (...this doesn't happen to you? woops, nevermind). So I put them on (I wish I had a picture of this but to spare your eyes and my embarrassment, luckily I do not have proof but just take my word for it) and they are clearly not designed for us shawties out here. I am about 5'3" and there was a good 2-4 inches of fabric (I can't do math) bunched up at my ankles and the inseam did not fit properly. The "crotch region" (WHAT DO I CALL THAT???? ... sorry) was about 2 inches away from where it should have been so I had to hike up the jeans more than I wanted, but DANG my booty looked good if I do say so myself. Already slaying even with a wonky crotch area. Both pair of jeans fit this way, so it had nothing to do with the color. 

The shoes fit as expected since I have purchased shoes from them before. I needed a new sandal but I wanted something girly and these fit the bill. I purchased two of the same style, one in black and one in a pretty yellow shade, which I just realized will go perfectly with a dress I bought last year on a whim that I already know where I will wear this--holy excited!

Apparently, JustFab offers rewards when you gain a certain amount of points and for some of the points I had 'banked' in my account (purchasing earns you points), I was able to get Burt's Bees lipstick. They didn't have a ton of colors (I was only able to select one from three different shades) so I picked the red shade. It has a slight fragrance to it, which is not bad nor is it overpowering--it just doesn't smell like your typical lipstick (plastic-y), which is totally a good thing. It glides on like a chap stick but has great color and is surprisingly pigmented. 


I am short--approximately 5'3"

I have a rather larger derrière for my height so this might have something to do with it. They fit perfectly around my waist (I wear a size 18 in almost everything else so the fit was perfect--I probably could have gone down a size which could have helped with the extra gap in the lady-bits area)


For the price, make sure you compare your measurements to what they suggest. They may be too long on you if you are of a shorter stature, but their waist measurements run pretty true to size. 

Their quality is so-so. They don't seem like they are going to wear horribly, but like I said, they are already ripped so if they start to wear, then at least you can try to pass it off as already have been that way ;)

I will definitely be wearing these jeans during the summer. I do not regret this purchase at all. I just have to roll up the jeans maybe once so they aren't bunched up at the ankles but they have a lot of potential. 

Slay, queens. <3