Tanya Salemme

Closet Must-Have: The Pantsuit

Tanya Salemme
Closet Must-Have: The Pantsuit

Let's face it--when we think of the pantsuit, we think of boxy blazers, shoulder pads, high waisted pants, geometric color blocking (which, by the way, are so bright it looks like your box of crayons threw up everywhere) and polyester ruffled blouses. See Exhibits A and B: 

 Exhibit A:  Google Image

Exhibit A: Google Image

 Exhibit B:  Google Images

Exhibit B: Google Images

Okay, these aren't exactly the power outfits you want to wear to the interview for that hot new job that hit the market, or to that hot new job you just landed. "What do you have in mind?" you dare to ask? Well... ask and you shall receive!

This, my friends, is the must-have closet essential: 

  Polyvore: TheMakeUpofBeauty

Polyvore: TheMakeUpofBeauty

Now before you tell me that the plunging neckline on Selena is too risque or that the bright magenta on Zendaya can come across as offensive in the office.... I know. Trust me, I am not trying to get you fired for sexual harassment or to annoy your colleagues with a bright colored suit. I am merely trying to show you the difference between a horribly dreadful suit and a friggin' gorgeous suit that you can literally do anything in (hence your 'power outfit'). 

This is just a guide to the essentials to the pantsuit that can literally do no harm. You can mix and match pieces, dress them up for a formal event or to wear to work, or dress them down for a more casual look for brunch or anything else you want to SLAAAAY. 

The piece I put together on Polyvore is perfect for either scenario...neutral but still sophisticated and sets the tone and shows everyone you mean BUSINESS even if you are just making an endless amount of copies and getting that Venti misto with non fat milk (and it better be non fat milk or ELSE)--but at least you'll look damn good doing it. 

You most likely already have some (or all) of these pieces in your closet, but what you really need to invest in is the perfect fit. You can have the nicest, most expensive item and it will look like a garbage bag on you if it does not fit perfectly. I cannot stress this enough! Invest in a descent blazer/jacket and well made slacks. Even if they do not fit you perfectly, get them tailored to perfection and you will be golden! You can wear a great cotton t-shirt for a more casual look, wear the pants alone with a great blouse, wear the blazer with great fitted jeans and kitten heels...the list is endless. Use your imagination or try apps like Polyvore to "try" the pieces on before investing in them and to get a feel for putting together different looks. 

Power to the pantsuit!