End of the Year Beauty Round Up (Pt. 1)

End of the Year Beauty Round Up (Pt. 1)

Okay peeps. This is the first time I am posting a beauty round up but it is going to be EPIC. And I can guarantee my part two 'round up' will be just as epic. ;) 

So I have spent all of 2016 buying and testing beauty products (I predict 2017 will have some similarities ......) and have found some faves and .. well, not so favorite products. Read on for all the deets!

Face Wash

Believe me when I say that I have tried nearly every face wash within my reach that money can buy. For a long time growing up, I was using Proactive. Yes, it worked. Amazingly, too. But I think with everything, your skin gets used to a certain product and sometimes the product will just not perform as well as it used to. So I started using Cetaphil which was a great mild cleanser. Then my acne got really bad -- cystic acne all over my chin. Big, hard, boils that never came to a head but were so painful and hard -- it made me sooo insecure. (Turns out I have prolactinoma which was affecting my hormones which I believe to be the root of the problem). Even though my cystic acne subsided, I still get the random small break out here and there but nothing like it was. And I would take what I have now over what I used to experience with my skin ANY DAY. Ugh. The only face wash that helped calm my skin (besides the Cetaphil) and didn't irritate it, and still works to this day is.... drum roll please .... 

Didn't expect that one, did ya? 

Didn't expect that one, did ya? 

Yes, Trader Joe's face wash is freaking amazing. The smell is strong at first, but I have quickly grown to love it, especially the wonders it has done for my skin. I saw immediate results within a few days of using it in the morning and at night. You can get it at all TJ stores, I think for around $7 or $8, but also on Amazon.  The tea tree oil I think is the hero in this, but it is natural and isn't pumped with a bunch of crap and perfumes that can irritate your skin like a lot of other products on the market. This is the foundation for great skin. If you do nothing else for your face (which you should really use sunscreen), you should be washing your face with a great cleanser. Promise you. You will not regret it.


I have combo/oily skin and I get weird dry patches on my cheeks and get oily in my T-zone (thanks genetics!) so finding a good moisturizer that isn't overly drying or overly oily is hard to come by. And of course it needs to be sensitive enough because of course, I have sensitive skin. 

A long time ago during my beginning stage of cystic acne, I went to the MAC counter for some foundation. The girl there made me take off all of my makeup (I was freaking horrified!!!) because she needed to test to see what shade looked best. I was practically sweating my butt off because I never showed anyone what my skin looked like without makeup on. Today, I could give two craps because no one's opinion matters unless it is my own and I should feel beautiful and confident no matter what (I am still trying to fully convince myself of this mantra to this day, but I am working on it!). Anyway, she found the shade and then took my upstairs to the Clinique counter. She gave me a sample of this moisturizer that I have repurchased hundreds of times since then. It is one of the best moisturizers I have ever used (which reminds me, I need a new container!). 

*Angels singing* (1.7 oz starting at $39 at  Sephora ). 

*Angels singing* (1.7 oz starting at $39 at Sephora). 

A little on the pricey side, this Clinique moisturizer doubles as an every day moisturizer but also if you put a thin layer on at night before bed and then gently rinse it off, it acts as a mask. It makes your skin feel so buttery soft and smooth, not oily and helps with my dry patches. It makes my foundation and rest of the makeup glide on so effortlessly and is great for my sensitive skin. 

A great drugstore alternative is Aveeno. Physicians recommend Aveeno products for babies so you know it will be great for your skin too. I love these products because they aren't overly fragrant but they really work. And they have options with SPF in it--win! 


I think one of the most frequently purchased beauty products I buy (even when I have plenty) would be a foundation. I don't know why, but I always tend to gravitate towards them. Because of my weird, problem prone skin, some foundations are really terrible for me and the ones that work amazingly, I have to repurchase in fear of running out. 

Let's start off with my not-so-favorites. Unfortunately, they just don't work well my skin, regardless of the tools I use.  (Everything down below is a clickable link that will take you directly to the product!)

I told you I was obsessed. Did you think I was kidding? (And this isn't even everything)

I told you I was obsessed. Did you think I was kidding? (And this isn't even everything)

The Bad: 

-Maybelline 'Fit Me' $7.99

-L'Oreal 'Tru Match Lumi' $12.99

-Physician's Formula 'Super BB Cream' $14.99

The Good:

-CoverGirl 'Ready, Set Gorgeous' $7.99

-CoverGirl 'Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation' $11.99

-Make Up For Ever 'Mat Velvet+'  $39.00

-Make Up For Ever 'HD High Definition Foundation' $43.00

-Revlon 'Colorstay' $12.99

-Tarte 'Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation' $39.00

-Rimmel 'Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation' $4.99 (WHAT)

-MAC 'Pro Longwear Foundation' $34.00

-MAC 'Studio Fix Fluid w/SPF 15' $28.00

Okay guys. So this was part 1 of my beauty round up. Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon, where I reveal the rest of my fave (and not so favorite) beauty products of the year!