Get a Grip with Kenra Professional
The Kenra Professional #GetaGrip collection *Swoon* Available at Ulta

The Kenra Professional #GetaGrip collection *Swoon* Available at Ulta

Have no fear -- your limp, lackluster 'do will revive itself with just a little love from Kenra Professional's "Get a Grip" trio of hair products that literally have been sent from Heaven above. 

Now that we got that out of the way, let me just tell you a little about my hair. 

It literally has a mind of its own. Literally. 

For the most part though, it does cooperate, but on some days, it takes more work than it should. But with a little TLC, it gets to where I want it to be. But with the Whip Grip mousse (it smells soooo good, found at Ulta for $17) is like little puff of cloud. You think "How could this possible tame my mane?" but then you fluff it in your hair and holy goodness gracious does it do wonders. 

It does NOT leave my hair sticky, tacky, or crunchy -- I prefer soft, flowy curls (I know my vocab isn't so hot right now; I am leaving for a trip soon and all I can think about is this mini vaca coming up hehe). Anyway, I digress. My hair -- right. It just works so well with my curls. I don't ever straighten my hair (I almost NEVER put heat on it, even to dry it) so I don't know how the mousse would work on straight hair. Hair grade:  A+++ (not kidding). 

Moving on to the High Grip Spray ($19), a little pricey for hair spray, but works really well. The smell is great, not chemical-ly at all, BUT, after using the mousse, sprayed on my roots, it did make my hair a little stiff. It does, however, work amazingly on up-dos where you are going to need it to stay put for hours and hours (resisting against sweat and all those fancy dance moves). Hair grade:  Solid B. 

Finally, the Air Grip Spray ($17). I used this as a dry shampoo, even though I don't think it is. But because there is a matte finish, it was perfect for days when I didn't want to wash my hair and just used it to revive my curls (I flipped my hair upside down, sprayed it on the roots and fluffed it up and BAM. My hair is alive!). It made my hair a little dry, but it did work pretty well. Also, smells delish. ;) Hair grade: B++

Final Thoughts

I would definitely purchase this trio because it works great for superior hold, great for when I want to feel a little extra (the price tag is a little more than I would normally spend), and the mousse is amazing. You can tell it is a higher-end product and it honestly works amazing. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on straight hair or your own hair styles -- would you repurchase/purchase these items? What did / didn't you like about it? Overall -- a definite must - try for sure. 



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post -- all comments and opinions are my own. Thank you @kenraprofessional and BrandBacker for sponsoring this post.