Got You Covered: This Season's Top Picks for Coats and Outerwear

As I was (virtually, 'cause I am broke as a joke lollllllll but also not lolllllll *insert crying emoji here*) window shopping, I came across some of the most gorg coats I have seen this year. Maybe they are even more beautiful than I am realizing because I am sick of this muggy, sticky, icky, humid, grosssss weather, that any sighting of a coat makes me jump for actual joy. #sorrynotsorry 

And no, this is not too early, so get that mess out of my face lol I don't need none of that negativity in mah lyfe~! (who am I rn???) 

Anyway, so what I have been seeing (rather, what I have been making up in my head lawls) is a lot of neutrals, basics (aka your oldies but goodies), lots of velvet (mmmmm), and embroidery (swoooon!!!). 

I'm also LOVINGGGG the tonal look -- black on blacks with subtle hints of patterns. It's just amazing -- anyway just scroll down, all my faves are below ;) 


You are just so beautious -- simple, modern, clean, and look at that collar, brb while I go hyperventilate


Oh. Em. Geeeeee you belong to meeeeeeee, TSwift would be proud but come onnnnnn -- this one... this is a looker ;) Yesss honey!




Honestly, this is just stunning. 




SLAY MY LIFEEEEE - Velvet and embroidery on one coat? DROOLING


This just screams fall love with me! How cuuuuute <3


This is perfect when it isn't that chilly, but it also isn't warm, and you are kinda being active outside, but then you see that bench and you want to eat your apple cider donut and then you sit down because who wants to eat an apple cider donut while standing and dropping all your crumbs on the ground and you can't eat the little crumbly bits because now they're in the dirt, then you get kinda chilly because you aren't moving around and you make your boyfriend snuggle you, but heller you look amazeballs so who really cares!?!?!? 


Your "60's look but born in the 80's" vibe ;) I ain't mad at this ...hooookaaaay giiiiiirl, totally digging thisssss


Because if you don't have a hooded poncho then are you even living? I mean, seriously. 

Okay, so if I added ALL my favorites, I would literally have no content because all it would be is just links to the retailer's website -- this post was so hard to gather! I literally was like "Omg I love that. OMG I love THAT!" I had to refrain and only show you a couple of my faves, I hope you like them too!

I am SO looking forward to the autumn. What are you looking forward to this season? Leave me some love! <3

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