Healthy Hair Makeover x Finesse Haircare

We have survived the winter! Sweet victory!

Wait, shouldn't it be sunny and warm right now? Why am I still wearing sweaters? 

(Britney is all of us rn.)

(Britney is all of us rn.)

Mother Nature was seriously pissed at us because she literally dumped a small country of snow on the east coast on the brink of Spring and honestly, I am not sure if we are in the clear... it's literally May and still chilly. (I am not really complaining, but I would like to start wearing less layers now lol). 

Well, as I have been blessed with curly hair (sometimes I don't feel so blessed -- curse you humidity!), I am no stranger to finding the perfect combination of products to tame my mane. You might think, "You have curls, the summer is the only time you'd experience a 'bad' hair day." Well, us curl divas know how to work it because our hair (and I think I can speak for most of us) is hard to manage even in the winter months too (cue the dryness!) Curly hair is so temperamental but the right products and techniques can cure all of your hair-woes, regardless of type or texture. 

I was recently given the Finesse Restore + Strengthen Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner to test out (thank you Brandbacker and Finesse!) for a week, but let's be real... I do not wash my hair every day, so I needed a lot more than just a week, like a month worth of washing and styling to really see a difference (if any at all). 

Finesse Shampoo and Conditioner came highly recommended by the Kardashian/Jenner sisters, Kim and Kendall. There were claims that they literally used nothing but the miracle products (cough, b.s., cough) and that it made their hair super clean and perfect or whatever. 

Well, here are few things that should be noted: 

-Kim and Kendall's hair is very straight, which means naturally, their hair already has a lot of oils in it that help condition and maintain shine and the texture of their hair. 

-They are super mega millionaires -- I HIGHLY doubt they are washing their hair and then walking out of the house with perfect waves and that perfect tousled "I ran out of the house bc Kanye and North were rushing me" look, which really translates into "Pappa West you're just gonna, like, have to wait, bc Momma West needs to look good. North? Where? Oh, she's with the nanny, they can wait too. SELFIES!!!!" while her team of hair and makeup professionals wait on her hand and foot. (I maaaay be over dramatic and exaggerating this, but come on you know it's pretty accurate.)


-Super curly, on the dry side, definitely frizzy 

-Not a super mega millionaire with no makeup or hair team (I know, shocker)


Okay, off the bat, these products smell so good. MMM, for some reason it brings me back to my child hood. I'm thinking maybe because this was something I used back in the day before I really cared about my hair? I DK but definitely smells clean, fresh, and I presume what KimK and KJ's hair would smell like if they washed their own hair...maybe. 

Shampoo -- Runny, but makes a great lather, super soapy in my hair and definitely feels clean. Almost too clean like it stripped the crap out of my luscious locks. 

Conditioner -- Definitely thicker than the 'poo, but not like some other conditioners I have used before. Smells equally clean and fresh as it's partner but doesn't do a WHOLE lot of conditioning as I had hoped from, well, a conditioner. 

The results

Ahh, the much awaited part of the post where most of you may have skipped to (don't lie! LOL)

In short, I give it a solid B. 

KimK and Kendall are definitely not JUST using Finesse Shampoo and Conditioner.. unless they were blessed with the most beautiful goddess like locks (which, they are really gorg, but has to have a little help). 

For my hair, it didn't do much to it. I think these products were meant for normal, straight hair, not dry, curly, naturally frizzy hair like mine.

I need products that are super conditioning, get rid of oil and product residue (because I use some other products) and that will keep my hair light weight and fresh for a few days (because, as a girl with curly hair, you do NOT wash your hair EVERY DAY. I repeat, do not! Read all about it in my post here


Not very conditioning

Doesn't give a great shine

Strips curly hair of oils and makes it dry


Super cheap ($2.76 @ Target, WHAT!?)

Smells great

Convenient (available at your major stores: Walgreens, Target & Walmart) 

Does the job for a quick wash

Really cleanses the hair 

For what it's worth, I would purchase this on my own, definitely. But only for washes when I was traveling, super sweaty and wanted a good clean, and because it is so inexpensive and available in so many places. I am not hating on this at all -- don't get me wrong. For someone with normal hair, this is definitely a winner-winner-chicken-dinner. Definitely test it out for yourself, for how inexpensive it is, you would be doing an injustice if you didn't run out and grab it. 

You running to the store to get this  

You running to the store to get this 

Thank you Brandbacker and Finesse for sponsoring this post