How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring Featuring JORD Wood Watches | Men

How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring Featuring JORD Wood Watches | Men
Shop the Dover series   here

Shop the Dover series here

As we all may know, the transition from winter to spring can always be a little … weird? I think that’s the best way to describe the weather these days. This makes it increasingly hard to figure out a wardrobe for the upcoming season. One day, you’re shivering your knickers off, the next day you may be wearing your parka and sweating bullets (who am I right now with this terminology?! Knickers? Parka???). Whatever, it’s just hard. And I feel like it can sometimes be even harder for men because, let’s face it; women can get away with a little more in the fashion area: dresses, skirts, (both can be paired with leggings and boots if it turns out to be a little chillier than expected), cardigans… we have more options.

And this goes for accessories too – us women have a boat load of accessories to choose from to help transition our outfits from Winter to 80 degree days in April. That’s why JORD Wood Watches make such a great accessory staple for all of us. They have an amazing selection of women’s watches as well as great men’s watches.  A natural wood product that does all the work for us (and not to mention, it serves its purpose quite well. Specifically, the Dover series – you don’t need a battery!!! Say whaaaaaaaaa!?).

I was shopping around with my boyfriend and we stumbled in H&M (literally stumbled, it was like 9 p.m. on a week night and was ready for bed. And excuse me H&M, but why must you be so damn bright and hot?) and noticed a lot of white, olive, and maroon. Actually, a TON of white.

Hot Spring Trends for Men:

Lots of white – like, a lot of it

Khaki button downs

Denim on denim on denim

Olive and Maroon Combos

Lightweight cotton long sleeve tees (lots of olive and navy)

Herringbone (one of my fave fabrics – classic and chic for both men and women)

Anthony (my boo thang) had on this cool watch (like always -- since I got it he hasn’t taken it off and gets so many compliments. Funny story, we went to a jeweler and as soon as the jeweler saw it, he immediately complimented the watch) and I had him try on some pieces as we were walking through the store.

The Dover series is such a bad ass watch. It has the coolest face (you can see through it to the back and can see the innerworkings and everything!) and it is super lightweight.  It’s a natural wood product so you need to treat it like wood. Wood will scratch, it can dent, but JORD will send a conditioning oil with the watch so that you can make sure it is properly taken care of.

Retailing at $295, the Dover, comes in five different wood species: koa and black, olive and acacia, zebrawood and dark sandalwood, ebony and rosewood, and ebony and copper. JORD was so amazing and sent me the olive and acacia watch to try out and share with all of you. It is such a unique watch and makes such a statement even when paired with just jeans and a simple tee.

I have two simple looks here that will help transition your wardrobe from winter to spring pretty seamlessly. You can go either casual or a little more profesh/formal with them, which are musts in anyone’s wardrobe – a versatile closet!

First up, I had Anthony try on this awesome herringbone jacket. The watch looked so good with it! (surprise, surprise).

Drooling. Similar  here

Drooling. Similar here

This jacket was not really lightweight, but you can easily pair it with something more casual, a dark pair of jeans and cool sneakers and totally pull of this look. The watch really completes the whole outfit. You have some grey, black, and white in there, and the buttons also add a nice accent with some browns, totally complimenting the brown of the wood watch. Some nights during the transition from winter to spring can be a little chilly, so this is perfect for a date night look, too. ;)

Next up, the bomber jacket.

At H&M, there were two bomber jackets that I loved (I wanted them for myself) and they were in an olive and maroon fabric. I love the colors for this transition because they can easily be worn with a variety of different items making it more spring-like, and you can also take them way into the fall season as well.

No question about it here – this watch pops against this olive shade! *Heart eye emoji* LOL

But look at it with this jacket too – sooo good! I love this action shot too (props to me). Oh, and peep all that white in the background! That is not me editing it! LOL.

I actually like this outfit a lot – he was just wearing a simple grey tee shirt, his favorite khaki cargo pants (if he could, he would wear shorts all year round). This bomber literally looked like it was a part of his outfit. He really liked the jackets too – lightweight, lots of pockets, and pretty comfy.

It goes without saying that this watch makes the perfect outfit accessory for both men and women. A good watch will take you through each season seamlessly and that is just what this JORD watch does.

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All opinions are my own; thank you to JORD for sponsoring this post.