Valentine's Day Gift Guide for your Boo Thang

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for your Boo Thang

Okay, if you have been around for a while, you know me and my gift guides. I take them very seriously. Although many would argue that Valentine’s Day is a “made up holiday” by corporations and greeting card businesses, it is still deserving of a wholesome gift guide and I’m bringing it to you.

*Disclaimer: You do not have to buy gifts for people to show them how much you truly care. Being sentimental, personal, showing acts of kindness and love today and everyday (including V-Day) is more than enough. BUT, if you do want to give a lil suttin to your honey, then keep reading.


Tix to a sports event

Tix to a concert

A day trip

A new wallet (you can even add a surprise photo of you two love birds in there and even a gift card to his fave coffee spot or restaurant)

A romantic, homemade dinner

A romantic, DIY ‘coupon book’ *wink, wink*

Message oils (for the coupon book, *wink, wink*)

A copycat recipe for his favorite meal from his favorite restaurant

A scrap book

If you and your guy have a super special relationship, you know the one where you can talk to him while he's doing his business in the bathroom, or he cleans your hair from the bath tub drain? Getting him a handmade card from Etsy will surely make his heart a-flutter.  (And you'll be supporting local artisans, what whaaaat!). 

Like this one: 

Found  here

Found here

Or this one:

Found  here

Found here

Or my personal fave: 

Found  here

Found here


*Bonus Gift Ideas*

~ You can make your special guy something super sentimental. I made this one year for my boyfriend and although it can be time consuming, you will just need to plan ahead. He loved it and we still talk about it to this day. Super cute and it won’t break the bank.

Get a jar from the dollar store, something with a twist off lid.

You will also need red, white, or pink construction paper (or all three!) and cut out a master copy of a heart. Trace the heart on the paper, but make sure it is large enough to write a sentence on it (either a sentence, a word that will make him smile, a sentiment, nick names…whatever! Be creative!). Cut out the hearts and get to writing!

I made up 365 hearts (I told you it was time consuming!) and filled the jar with chocolate kisses and the hearts and he was to take a kiss and a heart out of the jar every day. He loved doing this every morning or before bed time– it always made him smile and it was exciting to hear what heart he picked out of the jar!

~ You can also just get a bunch of candy and chocolate – what guy wouldn’t love that!? Make a candy basket and fill it with all his favorite treats. Or make a movie basket – pick a night, get some Netflix on, fill the basket with popcorn, candy, chocolate, and make a whole fun evening out of it.

Whatever the day, whatever season, always spread love. Love always wins. <3

Happy V-Day! x